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What is SEO?

SEO is the process of getting your website to rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Search engines rank your site, but SEO is the result of making your website valuable for visitors, who could turn into potential customers.

Well, firstly, it’s a very low-cost way of getting more traffic to your website. Aside from taking up lots of time, SEO is a resource-light strategy that simply takes care and attention to succeed, rather than a big budget. Although, if like most business owners you’re running a time-poor operation, then you might want to think about bringing in an agency to take on the task. See our quote finder above to compare agencies now.

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How SEO affects your business

SEO will also get your website into new areas of the web, allowing you to reach new markets and expand your client base. By matching your content to the things people are searching for, you’ll be able to reach customers who were once considered to be way out of your market range. With SEO, even the smallest business based in a remote pocket of rural England has the potential to go global. Online marketing means that customers from all over the world can become aware of your product/service, but SEO is essential for harnessing the full potential of the world wide web.

You’ll boost the user ‘friendliness’ of your website. The average online user is pretty impatient – in fact, studies have shown that when the load time of a site is 7+ seconds, 32.3% of visitors will bounce* away from the page. However, a load time of 2 seconds is shown to reduce this bounce rate to just 9.6%.SEO has a massive part to play in the load time of your site. It’ll help optimize your imagery and get your site’s loading time looking healthy, which will reduce the rate at which customers click off your site, frustrated by how slowly your website is loading.

New consumer insight can be gleaned from an efficient SEO campaign. This is super useful as the data SEO delivers can be used to make big business decisions, such as the creation of a new product line or a change in your overall marketing strategy.SEO gets you the inside scoop on what your customers really want, all by analyzing their search terms, and the ways in which they interact with your website. This data is gold dust and will allow you to make key business decisions with a much higher degree of certainty.

Google monopolizes the world of online search habits. The people trust Google – that’s why they use it. So, if your website is appearing at the top of a search, people will trust your site – and, by extension, your business too. Making your website as trustworthy as possible is essential to attracting new customers and keeping them coming back for more. Your page will be ranked on the trustworthiness of the content itself. To create trustworthy content, keep the following four things in mind: Originality (find something new and unexplored to talk about)Relevance (make sure your audience will be interested in your content)Creativity (keep it unique)Regularity (your website needs to look fresh, update your content regularly)

How SEO helped my small business
For some real examples of how SEO can have a massive impact on small businesses and startups, spoke to business owners who have reaped the rewards of a good SEO campaign.

Andrew Dark, Director and Co-Owner at printwear company Custom Planet, shared his experience with SEO:

“We're primarily an ecommerce business, so naturally, SEO has been a game changer for us. Without it, we wouldn't attract the organic traffic which is the lifeblood of our company.

“While in the beginning we did get some sales through word of mouth, capturing online traffic for our key products has allowed us to scale up the business. As soon as we found a good SEO company, our sales started to rocket.

“We specialise in custom printwear and promotional products, and most of our customers find us through Google by searching for a specific item. So, we need to be right up there for terms like ‘screen printed t-shirts' or 'embroidered workwear'.

“These terms get thousands of searches each month, and being on the front page of the Google results can help us convert some of these searches into sales. Working with our agency on our onsite content has been instrumental in making this happen.

“From a budgeting perspective, I think it's absolutely worth spending the money and getting a reputable agency to step in. It’s a big investment, but we started small and worked our way up, increasing our budget as our visitors and sales grew.

“You need to do your research, though: there are plenty of dodgy SEO marketing companies that promise quick, cheap results, but can actually damage your position on search engines. You need to find one that offers a realistic, strategic campaign that's tailored to your goals.

“My advice to companies that are just getting started would be to prioritise whatever spending you can on a campaign in the beginning, and slowly scale up your budget as you grow. And remember that SEO is often a marathon, not a sprint: don't expect to spend a bit of money and see major gains immediately, or after a very short campaign. Google is always changing, so your campaign will need to adapt all the time, too.

Branding London, a design agency that combines creativity with strategy, has taken a different route to SEO success, choosing to manage its SEO in-house rather than use an agency.

Here’s what Sukhy Cheema FRSA, Founder & CEO, had to say about how SEO helped Branding London succeed in the business world:

“Without SEO, I would have no online presence in the current marketplace!

“At Branding London, we manage our own SEO in-house, providing branding, web, and marketing services to our clients.

“A big part of being ranked highly and remaining visible on search engines is down to the relevance and quality of your content. The key is to produce good content for all our web pages, so we can ensure that our website will be indexable and easy to crawl by search engines.

“Our approach is organic, and as a result, we have managed to climb the rankings for various key search terms and services that Branding London has to offer – on Google, Bing, and other popular search engines. We are now recognised as one of the top design agencies online, giving us credibility right across the board as an established business.”

-Startups UK

Google SEO Melbourne

How We Can Help Your business

How We Can Help Your business

At Melbourne City IT, we specialize in online marketing, such as SEO Services, we take pride in implementing digital marketing methods that will keep our client's website rankings high.

We couple our on-site optimization techniques with off-site marketing methods to come up with customized strategies that are effective and have long-term benefits. Through keyword research, content editing, and website audits, we have the ability to understand the online spaces that your customers visit most often. Our variety of services will help to boost your company’s reputation, both on and offline. We understand that millions of people will search the internet every day looking for products and services and that 90% of these consumers will click the website links on the first page of a search engine.

Process of our SEO service

  • Research and Analysis
  • Identifying Keywords Opportunity
  • On Site Coding & Implantation
  • Copywriting & Site Performance
  • Marketing & Link Building
  • Rankings Report & Tracking

Fast SEO Result

Our SEO service in Melbourne provides expert Google optimization at an affordable monthly cost. Our mission is to be the best value SEO agency in Melbourne whether promoting your company via local SEO, Aus-wide online advertising or even worldwide international digital marketing. We have a proven track record and a live portfolio of websites currently ranking on page one for their most important keywords in the search results to show you from sole traders and small companies, to online stores selling throughout the Australia and internationally, and even large multi national corporations. SEO services from Melbourne City IT is a results focused SEO agency which means we typically have a big impact on the businesses we help in a relatively short space of time.

    Case Study

    As one of the most competitive SEO niches, mobile repair business is forced to employ aggressive SEO strategies to ensure they are ranked high, and that their products or services are not mistaken for spam.

    Tony came to Melbourne City IT and would like to discuss with the branding and digital marketing on his mobile repair shop located in Melbourne CBD. After the discussion , we created a list of hierarchy keywords, instead of flat. Analysed the main competitors in first page of google.

    After the onsite optimization and offsite SEO, Tony's website ranked on the first page in some valuable keywords combos, such as "phone repair Melbourne CBD", "iPhone repair Melbourne CBD", "iPhone Repair Malvern",  "iPhone Repair Malvern East".

    As a result, the organic traffic has grown by 260% within two months and he received more calls about mobile device repair in his business area.


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