The name “Cisco” usually denotes a feeling of quality and user-friendliness, both in and out of the office. Cisco has continuously come out with new products, but the main vision hasn’t changed. Their stamp of quality reflects this.

That said, while used Cisco routers and switches don’t have the latest bells and whistles, they still are consistent and will work when you need them to. In addition, many new features are irrelevant and meaningless for the average consumer, anyway.

A typical customer can easily panic at seeing how many models of used Cisco routers and switches there are. That customer may be surprised to find that all used Cisco routers and switches more or less work the same. In fact, an earlier model from even 5-7 years ago will suffice.

Another advantage to used Cisco routers and switches is the eco-friendliness. Used Cisco routers and switches can cut down on electric bills based on the low amount that they use. Also, used Cisco routers and switches are fairly easy to set up. Enhanced port safety, wireless switching, NAS device compatibility, and more can all be done on older models of used Cisco routers.

Most of our used Cisco routers also come with IPv6 capabilities. They also contain a limited warranty in the less-than-likely event that they break down. However, with a lifespan of up to 10 years, used Cisco routers and switches are the way to go.

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